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The Guide to Becoming a Personal Assistant.

The Guide to Becoming a Personal Assistant

Over 2 Million Personal Assistant Jobs

In the United States alone, there are over two million people who presently work as professional Personal Assistants. And yet, there are less than a handful of good, accredited courses that teach you what to do once you have the job. There are even fewer that train you on how to do your job successfully. In fact, some of the courses out there on Personal Assisting are devoted only to getting the job and offer nothing in the way of training, tips and techniques on performing your job you've landed.

The Essential Handbook for Personal Assistants Book

This book is a nuts and bolts guide that covers all aspects of how to become a successful Personal Assistant, whether you're working in a household, office, estate, or multiple homes. It will teach the reader how to begin his search with finding a job, and take him all the way through how to hit the ground running, and what he needs to acquire the necessary skills to perform the job well.

The "How Tos" of being a Personal Assistants

It will show the reader how to effectively run and manage a household, how to productively handle all types of travel, shopping, preparing, and organizing, and working solo or as part of a team. There are also techniques for keeping himself valuable, and chapters on the many different types of Personal Assistant positions, and how to know which one you are.

If the reader is already an established Personal Assistant this guide can give him or her additional tips, information, and insights into how to improve his present position, increase his worth, and also provide him with guidance on how to deal with aspects of the position he may never have encountered before: private travel, working on a set or production, running an estate as opposed to a home, meetings, scheduling, rolling calls, errands, driving, keeping good records, working with assistants or multiple staff, and more.

For Employers

Employers too will get an added benefit when interviewing candidates to hire. The Essential Handbook for Personal Assistants will discuss and review the pitfalls of hiring friends or family, what to look for in an assistant, and how to keep someone in your employ long-term.

The Book

This guide is currently available as an ebook and also includes valuable forms and templates you'll have free access to download. These forms and templates will help make ANY Personal Assistant a VALUED commodity. You'll increase your worth and make it hard for your boss to do without you. A candidate new to Personal Assisting will be able to take these forms and templates and step into any position with confidence and look like he's a seasoned professional.
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