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Find a personal assistant or executive assistant job that will change your life.

Types of Personal Assistant Jobs

There are two approaches in the personal assistant field.
  1. Working for a Full Time / Part Time Personal Assistant working for a PA employer
  2. Owning Your Own Personal Assistant Agency

Celebrity Personal Assistant

Celebrity personal assistants experience the lives of the rich and famous. The opportunity to be celebrity personal assistant provides access to this exclusive world. Typically, celebrity personal assistant work for fully licensed, bonded and insured lifestyle management companies catering to actors, rock stars, celebrities, athletes, entertainers and corporate executives. elebrity personal assistants earn up to $100,000 per year. Celebrity personal assistants also enjoy incredible lifestyles, including traveling. As a celebrity personal assistant you will perform the following tasks: household chores and errands, take phone calls, handle fan mail, plan events, organize and schedule the celebrities schedule.

House Manager (Personal Assistant)

Real Estate Personal Assistant


Real Estate Personal Assistant

Office Assistant / Personal Assistant

Administrative Personal Assistant

Executive Assistant

Life Coach / Personal Assistant