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The Guide to Becoming a Personal Assistant.

Do I have what it takes to become a personal assistant?

If you're an organized person or skilled in technology or enjoy interacting with people, you might not even realize how much your skills can be worth. Even as busy people look for relief from better organization or more sophisticated technology, there is simply no substitute for help from another human being. You should consider launching a well-paying and fulfilling career working as a personal assistant.

What is a personal assistant?

The personal assistant definition can be defined nearly as broad as your needs. Basically, a personal assistant is someone who assists in daily business or other personal tasks. The duties and roles of a personal assistant might range from taking notes, and helping with correspondence to keeping a work area organized and meeting with clients. The basic goal of a personal assistant is to help someone accomplish their daily tasks by multiplying their time.

Personal Assistant Salary Range

The expected hours can range broadly, but generally they fall within normal business hours. Wage expectations will also differ according to your skill set and especially according to your experience (how many years you have been a personal assistant). Entry level wages range from $16 ,000 to $48,000 per year, and people who have worked in the field for 20 years or more can expect between $30,000 and $85,000 per year. The most important way to distinguish yourself is with education, specific skills, and the ability to handle lots of different types of tasks.

Keys to Success as a PA

Many people are unsure of what to expect when working as a personal assistant. Your schedule will probably vary widely depending on your client's daily schedule. Be prepared to flex and adjust constantly, rearranging things to fit your client's needs. You should also recognize that the schedule may be hectic. Do not over stress about your work or perfectionistic or you will quickly find the work load to be intolerable. The key is to combine focus with flexibility, working hard when necessary and relaxing when you can.

Working as a personal assistant is a great way to enter the workforce and even to gain valuable business experience. Whether you choose to build your career as a personal assistant or use it as a stepping stone to something else, this is a career choice you won't regret. If you are interested in becoming a personal assistant, use our resource links to find training and a job.

How to Get Trained as a Personal Assistant

How to Become a Personal Assistant